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What is a medical oil-free compressed gas solution

What is a medical gas solution?

The design, manufacture and testing of DWW dry-type oil-free screw air compressors have reached ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO Class 0 oil-free certification standards. Moreover, it meets or even surpasses international medical gas standards such as German Rheine certification, pharmaceutical GMP certification and China's Medical Gas Engineering Technical Specification GB50751-2012.

Denier DWW series dry oil-free screw type air compressor

How to view the development prospect of oil-free machine in medical industry?

First of all, we should be very optimistic about the development of oil-free air compressor in the medical industry. Denell is a global professional manufacturer of medical gas equipment, which meets international medical gas standards and has a great advantage in medical compliance and product standards.

Development prospect of oil-free machine in medical industry

In the 14th Five-Year Plan, the government attaches more importance to people's livelihood issues. It mentions the development plan of medical treatment, the construction of a strong public health system, and the establishment of a unified health center and immunization center. With the improvement of national requirements for medical equipment, it is also a strong driving force for Denell oil-free air compressor series products.

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