4500 Psi High Pressure Electric 300 Bar Air Compressor

Jinjing high-pressure air compressor is a large-displacement high-pressure air supply equipment, which can be driven by electric motors or diesel engines.

Its working principle is to compress the air in its natural state through four stages, and finally compress it to a pressure of 10~25mpa per square centimeter.

Jinjing high-pressure air compressor can flexibly design the pressure and displacement of the product according to user requirements, and provide services such as automatic shutdown and startup, automatic sewage discharge, and compressor post-processing systems.

1. Air-cooled host, adapt to various high pressure conditions.

2. Multi stage compression to reduce the load of each stage.

3. Deep fin cylinder to increase the operation reliability of the unit.

4. Strong matching power, large displacement.

5. Heavy duty inlet filter is equipped with silencer.

6. It has low energy consumption and long life.

Application field

PET bottle blowing, 1-40M3/min 25--40BAR

Conventional hydropower station, turbine speed and phase regulation, surge tank gas supply, turbine start

Air conditioning/valve/instrument/piping industry leak detection

CN industry leak detection-gas cylinder/valve/modified car pipeline 1-3M3/min250BAR

laser cutting

Helium recovery

Steel plant, alumina plant, cable plant, chemical plant

Marine geophysical prospecting, 1--40M3/min 200--250BAR

Pressure vessel, pressure valve, pressure pipeline inspection (automobile brake, manufacturer inspection agency)


National Defense Military: Missile Submarine

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