1.Permanent magnet motor

①Synchronous motor with permanent magnet and frequency converter without any bearing, elastic coupling or sealing washer. 

②Eliminate wear, leakage and replacement.

2.Variable speed drive

①Variable capacity, controlled cost.

②The life cycle cost of the compressor can be reduced by 22% on average.

3.State of the art screw components

①The material of rotor is special steel

②Advanced wear resistant bearings

③The rotating screw comes standard with oversized to achieve the highest efficiency

4.Intelligent controller

① Increased reliability: durable keyboard, user-friendly, multilingual user interface.

② Improved ease of use: intuitive navigation system with main operation conditions include warning indications, maintenance scheduling etc.

5.Centrifugal fan: low speed centrifugal fan specially used for oil cooler and air cooler.Separate fans maintain the optimum temperature of oil and air while producing extremely low noise levels.

6.Cooler: the size of the cooler is too large to ensure the best operating temperature under any environmental conditions. Easy to place and clean.

7.Efficient separation system

① Reduce pressure drop and energy cost 

② Low oil consumption to ensure minimum maintenance cost and long service life of compressor 

③ High quality air with low oil content: three-step oil-gas separation (centrifugal, gravity and filtration)

④ Oil content: less than 3 ppm by weight; The hinged cover facilitates the replacement of separator elements.

Product advantages:

1.Low noise

①Most working conditions of the permanent magnet variable speed air compressor system are lower than the rated speed, the mechanical noise and wear of the main engine are reduced, and the maintenance and service life are prolonged. 

②The fan also adopts frequency conversion drive to better reduce the noise of the air compressor.

2.Variable flow control

①The permanent magnet variable speed air compressor can work in a wide range of exhaust volume. The frequency converter adjusts the motor speed in real time according to the actual air consumption to control the exhaust volume. 

3.Start without impact

Since the frequency converter itself contains the function of a soft starter, the maximum starting current is within 1.2 times of the rated current, and the starting impact is small.

4.Maintenance free

The permanent magnet variable speed air compressor adopts rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor to directly drive the screw air end. It does not lose magnetism at 120 ℃, has a service life of 10 years, and is durable. 

5.Good energy efficiency

At full load, the permanent magnet motor of the permanent magnet variable speed screw air compressor produces the maximum air volume under the minimum energy consumption.

6.Barometric stability

Through the controller or the internal regulator of the frequency converter, the machine can be started smoothly, and the response can be adjusted quickly even when the air consumption fluctuates to ensure stable air pressure.

7 Bar,8 Bar,10 Bar,13 Bar
Cooling Method:
Air Cooling
0.8~43.5 m3/min
380V/50HZ,220V/60HZ,400V/50HZ,415V/50HZ,Customer′s Requirements
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