Crawler rock drill

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The crawler hydraulic rock drilling rig is hydraulically driven by its crawler walking, drilling tool rotation propulsion, impact, and drilling rig leveling. It is the preferred equipment for drilling and blasting and ore mining construction projects. Crawler rock drill.

Composition structure: It is mainly composed of a hydraulic rock drill, drill boom, crawler walking part, diesel engine, screw air compressor, and hydraulic system. All the operations of the drill are controlled by the handle, which is fully mechanized. Crawler rock drill.

1. Integrated construction, work in one go
The crawler hydraulic rock drilling rig integrates power, rock drilling, walking, slag discharge and dust collection equipment, complete and diverse functions, flexible and convenient operation, and effectively improves work efficiency. Crawler rock drill.

2. Drilling at any angle, challenging the limit of space operation
The crawler hydraulic rock drilling rig can walk on its own, and the drilling boom can move back and forth, up and down, and left and right to achieve drilling operations at any angle in the three-dimensional space.

3. Reasonable flow configuration, system energy-saving, and fuel-saving
The crawler hydraulic rock drilling rig adopts a triple pump design, the system flow is reasonably configured, and the energy consumption is only 1/3 of that of a pneumatic drill. Crawler rock drill.

4. Environmental protection design to ensure air quality
The air intake of the crawler hydraulic rock drilling rig engine is equipped with two-stage air filtration to ensure the cleanliness of the air sucked in in the construction environment; the dust collection device can effectively separate dust and slag, collect dust, and ensure the air in the construction environment quality. Crawler rock drill.