Diesel portable screw compressor

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The intake air heating device specially designed for starting in cold regions ensures that the intake air temperature of the diesel engine is about 35 ℃ before starting. Diesel portable screw compressor

Use the press which was only used on the high-pressure unit before, and forcibly close the inlet valve at the moment of start-up, so as to achieve the purpose of light load start-up. Diesel portable screw compressor

The wide maintenance side door around the whole machine is more convenient for daily repair and maintenance, reducing maintenance time and operation and maintenance cost. Diesel portable screw compressor

The operation and fault information can be fully displayed on the instrument panel, which is convenient for operation and maintenance and reduces the failure rate of equipment. Diesel portable screw compressor

Shutdown protection device for high exhaust temperature of compressor, low oil pressure of diesel engine, high cooling water temperature of diesel engine, low cooling water level and low fuel level. Diesel portable screw compressor

1. Flexibility for higher utilization
Shift from low to high pressure with the turn of a switch , it means the same one compressor can be rented for multiple applications. This flexibility helps drive improved ROI through increased utilization rates and a more consolidated fleet. Diesel portable screw compressor