High pressure air compressor

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The high-pressure air compressor unit is mainly composed of a main compressor, a driving machine (motor), an interstage cooler, processing devices such as compressed air separation and purification, as well as pressure display, control and safety devices. When the driving machine drives the compressor through the V-belt, the free air passes through the intake filter
(1) It is sucked into the first-stage cylinder (I), compressed to a certain pressure, and discharged to the first and second-stage coolers
(2) and separator
(3) Inside, after cooling and separation of oil and gas, it enters the secondary cylinder (II), is further compressed to a higher pressure and then discharged to the secondary and tertiary intercooler
(4) And the separator
(5), cooling and filtering out the oil and condensate in the compressed air, and then entering the three-stage cylinder (6) to compress to the final required pressure, and then entering the separator
(7) Filter purifier
(8) The oil, condensate and oil vapor in the compressed air are further removed, so as to obtain a cooled, clean and odorless high-pressure air filled with qualified high-pressure steel cylinders for use. The oil and condensate separated and filtered from the separators behind the cylinders of all levels pass through the drain valve
(9) Regularly discharge outside the machine or collect in the dirt tank. Pressure display, regulation and overpressure protection devices are also provided in the compressor working process