Laser cutting screw air compressor

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1. Save space and cost: It integrates a compressor, a refrigeration dryer, and an air compressor, and a 3-level precision filter is standard. It avoids the trouble for users to separately purchase pipes and fittings to install. The entire equipment can be placed next to the gas end at any time, plug and play, which saves space and reduces equipment investment. At the same time, the integrated structure shortens the pipeline and reduces The energy expenditure caused by pipeline investment and pipeline leakage.

2. Compact structure and low noise: modular structure design, durable components, efficient and reliable belt transmission, fully enclosed protective shell, compact structure and low vibration, adopts ergonomic design, lower noise, and maintenance Maintenance is more convenient.

3. Built-in high-quality refrigeration dryer: using environmentally friendly R407c refrigerant to ensure a stable low dew point of about 2~8 degrees; the condensing fan is placed on the side to ensure the heat dissipation effect and convenient maintenance; adopt large-diameter adjustable electronic drain valve , Not easy to be blocked, drainage is more reliable