Medium pressure air compressor ——Air-cooled

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1.Separately cast cylinder

Precision machined high-quality cast cylinder with deep radial fins, suitable for heavy-duty operation and longer service life.

2. Efficient fin type interstage cooler

It provides efficient cooling, improves the efficiency of the compressor, reduces the power consumption, reduces the exhaust temperature and prolongs the service life.

3. Balance cantilever crankshaft

Accurate balance ensures smooth operation, and the crank pin bushing can be replaced to protect the crankshaft from damage.

4. Fill synthetic lubricating oil before delivery

Reduce carbide accumulation, prolong oil change time, improve compressor performance and prolong service life.

5. Solid integral connecting rod

The end is precisely designed as a whole without fasteners that can cause looseness.

6. No load start unloading device

Prevent the motor from starting under load and avoid burning the motor.

7. Durable parts

Ensure that the exhaust pressure and flow are stable and reliable.

8. Multiple choices

Select multiple air compressor combinations according to requirements