Medium pressure booster air compressor

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1. Powerful large head design, good use of materials, strong design of main parts, head size and weight are larger than other manufacturers, high safety, and low speed, especially suitable for heavy loads, Long-term continuous operation, extremely high reliability and extremely long life.
2. Special heat dissipation design and airflow design, low exhaust temperature, not easy to deposit carbon, and high efficiency.
3. Adopt ring-shaped valve group design, the valve plate material is Swedish stainless steel valve plate, the valve group spring material is the special spring steel wire imported from Japan for the valve, and the valve plate does not bend during operation, so that the performance of the valve is improved. The life index is particularly good.
4. The piston ring adopts Japanese Riken ring, which is durable and not oiled.
5. The crankshaft is high-frequency quenched, which is particularly wear-resistant.
6. The related moving parts are precisely balanced, the movement is particularly stable, and the noise is particularly low.
7. The air filter core is made of imported filter paper, which has good filtering and noise reduction effects and is durable.
8. The front end cover is specially designed with an oil separation structure, the breathing valve does not emit oil, and the fuel consumption is particularly low, keeping the body clean.
9. The flaring angle of the exhaust copper pipe bell mouth is designed reasonably and protected by a protective cover to avoid rupture and air leakage.
10. Pressure switches, contactors, and thermal relays adopt imported brands, such as "Schneider" to ensure reliable control and protection.
11. In terms of air volume control, there are four modes for users to choose from: fully automatic air control, fully automatic electronic control, dual-use air control and electronic control (manual switching), and intelligent control (automatically switch between electrical controls according to the gas usage) , To meet the different needs of users.
12. An intelligent controller can be optionally installed to satisfy users with complicated gas conditions.
13. In view of the relatively high pressure ratio of the medium pressure machine, an intercooler with strong cooling capacity is specially designed to maintain a low exhaust temperature.