Hole 90-105mm 176kw with Air Compressor Integrated Down The Hole Drill Rig for Open

The integrated open-air DTH drill carriage is a drilling equipment that integrates the DTH drilling system and the screw air compression system.

Can drill vertical, inclined and horizontal holes, used for drilling blast holes in open-pit mines and stone works

And pre-split holes.

Equipped with non-road country three diesel engine and high-efficiency dust collection system to meet the national emission and environmental protection requirements.


1. Two-stage compressor head, larger displacement, higher pressure, can provide continuous surging power.

2. High-strength and high-torque dual-motor rotary power head, with a wide range of apertures, and can easily deal with stuck drills.

3.280 liters super large horizontal diesel tank, saving the trouble of refueling in the middle.

4. Using Cummins water-cooled supercharged engine, low fuel consumption. The engine room layout is reasonable and easy to maintain.

5. Adopting professional engineering four-wheel area, supporting body leveling system, easy to control various complex terrains.

6. Powerful dust removal filter system, large air volume, 12 sets of filter elements, meeting environmental protection requirements.

DTH drilling can be performed in almost any rock drill-ability category. It is a common drilling equipment in the natural gas extraction, mineral extraction,drilling water wells, construction, creating oil wells.

DTH drilling rigs can be equipped with diesel or electric motors according to different working conditions. During the rock drilling process, the impactor sneaks into the borehole, which can reduce the energy loss caused by the impact of the drill rod, thereby reducing the influence of the drilling depth on the borehole.

1. The drilling rig hydraulic transmission of the rig effectively utilizes the power. This makes the overall power loss small and the drilling cost low.200m 300m 400m 500m 600m depth Truck crawler portable compressor DTH water well drilling rig

2. The drill rig has more positive speed stages and 14-500r / min speed range, and the output torque is 13428-250N.m.

3. The drilling rig has 2 reverse speeds, which is convenient for handling accidents.

4. The air compressor drilling rig adopts a long-stroke double-speed mechanism, a mechanical power head, and a power head stroke of 3400MM to improve drilling efficiency and reduce the occurrence of plugging and burning accidents.

5. The water well drilling rig rig uses dual oil pumps for oil supply. A single pump is used for drilling, and a double pump is used for confluence when lifting. The power loss is small and the auxiliary time is short.

6. The drilling rig machine has advanced structure and reasonable layout, which is convenient for maintenance, maintenance and repair.

7. The crawler water drilling rig machine chassis is adopted, and the trip of the outrigger cylinder can be automatically loaded for 1.5m, which is convenient for relocation and transportation.

8. The drill rig reserves some functional interfaces in the hydraulic system, and can expand the functions according to the technological requirements of different users.

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