Natural air enters the stage compression through the air filter, mixes with a small amount of lubricating oil in the compression chamber, and compresses the mixed gas to the interstage pressure at the same time.

The compressed gas enters the cooling channel and comes into contact with a large amount of oil mist, thereby greatly reducing the temperature.

The cooled compressed gas enters the second-stage rotor, undergoes secondary compression, and is compressed to the final exhaust pressure.

Then discharge the compressor through the exhaust flange to complete the entire compression process.


1.Air End

①The two-stage compression air end is used, that is, two groups of screw rotors with different sizes are used to realize reasonable pressure distribution.

②The internal leakage is reduced and the volumetric efficiency is improved.

③Reduce the load of the bearing and extend the life of the main engine.

④The main engine air intake adopts axial air intake to reduce air intake noise.

2.Permanent magnet motor

①Synchronous motor with permanent magnet and frequency converter without any bearing, elastic coupling or sealing washer. 

②Eliminate wear, leakage and replacement.

③Conventional motors can be selected.

3.Intelligent controller

① Increased reliability: durable keyboard, user-friendly, multilingual user interface.

② Improved ease of use: intuitive navigation system with main operation conditions include warning indications, maintenance scheduling etc.

4.Centrifugal fan: low speed centrifugal fan specially used for oil cooler and air cooler.Separate fans maintain the optimum temperature of oil and air while producing extremely low noise levels.

5.Cooler: the size of the cooler is too large to ensure the best operating temperature under any environmental conditions. Easy to place and clean.

6.High quality accessories

Oil filter: excellent oil quality and purification capacity, ensures the cleanness and safety of the oil system.Long service life, easy replacement of filter element and low maintenance cost.

Air filter: advanced air filter, with high efficiency of two-stage dust removal and filtration system, which can reach 99.9% even in heavy environment. Extend the service life of compressor elements and elements to ensure high air quality.

7.Efficient separation system

① Reduce pressure drop and energy cost 

② Low oil consumption to ensure minimum maintenance cost and long service life of compressor 

③ High quality air with low oil content: three-step oil-gas separation (centrifugal, gravity and filtration)

1. High efficiency triple air separator to effectively maintain the internal cleanliness of the system.

2. High efficiency frequency conversion centrifugal fan is selected, with low noise, low vibration and high efficiency.

3. High precision glass fiber oil filter ensures that clean lubricating oil enters the main engine and prolongs the service life of the main engine.

4. Multiple safety protection: the controller has the functions of phase loss, imbalance, overload and high temperature protection for the main motor and fan.

5. Jinjing two-stage compression permanent magnet variable speed screw air compressor can achieve first-class energy efficiency.

6. The integrated bearingless high-efficiency permanent magnet motor has IP54 protection grade, less fault points and longer service life.

Two Stage Compression Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor

Two Stage Compression PM VSD Screw Air Compressor

7 Bar,8 Bar,10 Bar,13 Bar
Cooling Method:
Air Cooling
2.4~62.0 m3/min
380V/50HZ,220V/60HZ,400V/50HZ,415V/50HZ,Customer′s Requirements
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