VSD Screw Air Compressor 7.5KW Screw Type Air Compressor

Jinjing adopts an international advanced frequency conversion module, a special motor with speed up and down characteristics, and a set of PID parameters especially suitable for screw compressors. The control software has been tested by hundreds of thousands of compressors, with simple parameter settings and friendly man-machine interface. The cooling of the frequency converter is specially designed. In order to support the user to set the best working pressure, the filtering area of the filter element of the oil-gas separator is increased.

The exhaust volume of Jinjing variable speed screw air compressor can be perfectly combined with the user's air consumption, completely avoiding the loss of unloading power; Under the condition of intermittent gas consumption, the zero load effect of soft start avoids the peak value of current and torque, so the unit can start and stop indefinitely.

Structural features

1. Variable Speed Drive

Variable volume, controlled costs: there is no unnecessary power generated, the Jinjing VSD models can reduce energy costs by 35% or more. Life cycle costs of the compressor can be reduced by an average of 20%.

2. State-of-the-art Screw Element

① Original Jinjing air end

② Advanced profile design

③ The material of the rotor is a special steel

④ Superior Sweden element bearings

3. Intelligent controller

① Increased reliability: durable keyboard, user-friendly, multilingual user interface.

② Improved ease of use: an intuitive navigation system with main operating conditions including warning indications, maintenance schedules, etc.

4. Intelligent control and protection

① Jinjing electrical elements are safe and reliable

② Reasonable, simple, and clear wiring, easy for maintenance

③ Good protection function ensures the stable running of the compressor unit

5. Stainless steel oil pipe and air pipe

① High temperature resistance (400 ℃ = 752 ℉), low temperature resistance (- 270 ℃ = - 518 ℉), high pressure resistance 

② Ultra long service life (80 years), completely leak-free and maintenance-free.

6. High-quality accessories

Oil filter: ① excellent oil quality and purification capacity, ensures the cleanness and safety of the oil system

② Long service life, easy replacement of filter element, and low maintenance cost

Air filter: ① advanced air filter, with high efficiency of two-stage dust removal and filtration system, which can reach 99.9% even in the heavy environment; ② Extend the service life of compressor elements and elements to ensure high air quality.

VSD Screw Air Compressor 7.5KW Screw Type Air Compressor

7 Bar,8 Bar,10 Bar,13 Bar
Cooling Method:
Air Cooling
0.8~43.5 m3/min
380V/50HZ,220V/60HZ,400V/50HZ,415V/50HZ,Customer′s Requirements
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